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Don't have insurance?
No problem. We have a solution! We developed our own in-office dental plan exclusively for our patients. In-Office Dental Plan is not a dental insurance. We created this program to promote your dental health and make our quality dental care affordable. You can use this membership at both offices.

Annual membership of $250 includes
2 exams
2 cleanings ( in absence of periodontal disease)
Routine x-rays including a full mouth series (once 3 to 5 years) or 4 bitewing once per year
15% discount on dental work including any dental work done by our specialist
5% discount on Botox and Dermal fillers ( Juvederm and Restylene)

Advantage of our In-Office Dental Plan over Dental Insurance
No claim forms to fill out
No monthly premiums
No deductible (usually $50 to $100)
No required pre-authorization
No exclusion on pre-existing conditions
No yearly maximum benefits
No denial of coverage for cosmetic reasons
No 6-12 months waiting period before dental work can begin

Annual fees are non-refundable once any treatment is performed including first cleaning. If you have periodontal disease and require periodontal maintenance every 3 to 4 months, this service is covered under the plan at a 15% discount. It is the responsibility of the patient to make sure they schedule and receive all covered benefits including exam and cleanings. Appointments are required and we must be notified of cancellations 48 hrs in advance. Payment is due at the time of service unless previous financial arrangements have been made.

This membership cannot be combined with any other offers.

Invisalign and Clear Correct Orthodontic treatment is not covered under this plan
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